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Avivant Partners Celebrates 20 Years
Shares Milestones & Gratitude

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Association Management

Avivant Partners collaboratively works with non-profit trade associations by providing support from full organizational infrastructure and operations to plugging into specific key functions. We excel at building vibrant communities, orchestrating seamless events, improving the bottom line, and implementing robust operational systems. We focus on the financial services and legal sectors, with a keen focus on delivering value and fostering engagement. We empower volunteer-driven associations to thrive, enhancing their influence and impact in their respective sectors. 

Strategic Meeting Planning & Execution

At Avivant Partners, we specialize in meeting and event management for the financial services industry. With more than two decades of expertise and a dedicated team of professionals, we curate and orchestrate exceptional events. Our mission is to help our clients navigate complex industry and corporate regulations through meticulously planned investor conferences, seminars, webinars, due diligence meetings, and more. We understand the importance of connecting professionals, sharing knowledge, and fostering collaborations among all stakeholders. Whether you're looking to host an Annual General Meeting for your key investors, a thought-provoking symposium, or an exclusive networking soirée, let us handle the logistics, coordination, and execution while you focus on your core competencies.


At Avivant Partners, we don't just plan events; we craft experiences that matter.

Consulting & Analysis

Our firm is deeply rooted in business principles enabling us to work with clients to identify gaps in operational efficiency, budget issues, marketing opportunities, and more. Avivant Partners delivers holistic assessments for association and event management clients and provides thought-out strategies and tactics for improvement. We assist with implementation in order to reach our collective objectives.

Working with your team, we can do an analysis of current systems, policies, and procedures, or suggest new onesThe unbiased analysis can be a powerful change agent for growth.   


At Avivant Partners, we are passionate about creating inspiring and productive relationships while achieving our clients' objectives. Success lies in our ability to connect industry players and resources, streamline processes and procedures, and apply our invaluable 20+ years of experience producing events and managing trade organizations.


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