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Avivant Partners

Insightful I Independent I Innovative
And above all, dependable, particularly in the face of pressure.

The name "Avivant" itself, with its deep roots coming from Hebrew and French languages, serves as a poignant reflection of intersections. These intersections are not just in name, but in our brand's philosophy—a harmony between industries, bridging domain expertise, and our innate ability to represent our clients with eloquence and fluency that makes them shine.

The logo visually reflects the A and V sounds in the brand’s name. These two letters come together signifying the meeting of languages (A from Aviva, a Hebrew word meaning springlike; V from Vivant, a French word meaning alive) literally, but also the meeting of cultures, domains, people, and ideas in a more figurative sense. After all, Avivant Partners is in the business of managing events and associations, where minds meet and new ideas are created.

“Human connection has been challenged.
We're here to strengthen it through our association and event work.”

- Mary Adams, Founder & CEO

Our Team

Successful I Driven I Proven

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Mary Adams, CMP

Founder & CEO

Mary is the founder and CEO of Avivant Partners, a recognized leader in meetings, events, and association management since 2004.

JOHN BLUEMKE-46-GREY-FINAL-5_31 With Jacket (1).jpg

John Bluemke


John joined Avivant Partners in 2022 bringing with him more than two decades of experience in the financial services sector providing an invaluable depth of knowledge to Avivant Partners' client initiatives.


Ashleigh Hargroves

Director, Meetings & Events

Joining Avivant Partners in June 2024, Ashleigh brings a wealth of expertise in event planning within the finance sector. With 16 years of experience at AllianceBernstein, she spent five years in private wealth management and over a decade on the corporate access team at Bernstein Research. In her previous role as Vice President of Investor Access, Ashleigh collaborated closely with analysts and investor relations teams to facilitate meetings between company management and institutional investors.

Kelsey Headshot.png

Kelsey Peake

Project Manager

Kelsey brings more than 10 years of Event, Office and Project Management to Avivant Partners. She specializes in General Operations and Marketing. Kelsey has robust experience with systems implementation, managing websites, and creating marketing campaigns including and not limited to paid ads, organic social media, blogs and email marketing.

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