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In a sector where precision meets innovation, our company is a trusted partner in offering unparalleled association management, strategic meeting planning and execution, consulting, and analysis services. Avivant Partners combines creativity and business acumen to create bespoke strategies for our clients.

What We Do


Association Management

​Our association management services embrace a comprehensive approach, ensuring the various functions of your organization work in concert in the most efficient and effective manner. We become an integral part of our association clients by providing institutional memory, consistency, and a foundation for sustainability and growth. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Strategic Planning & Consulting

  • Project Management & Administration

  • Financial Oversight & Analysis

  • Organization Branding & Marketing

  • Member Relations & Engagement

  • Meeting Planning & Fulfillment

Strategic Meeting Planning & Execution

​Our event management services are designed to create immersive experiences that echo the strategy and personality of your brand. Whether it’s a high-level summit or an intimate roundtable, we meticulously craft engaging and insightful events, positioning your company at the forefront of industry excellence. Our clients outsource various types of meetings and events to us:​

  • Investor conferences

  • Annual General Meetings (AGM)

  • Milestone events and celebrations

  • Due diligence meetings

  • Sales meetings

  • Board meetings

  • Training and education

  • Client engagement events

Business Meeting

Consulting & Analysis

Avivant Partners provides an unbiased, third-party, professional perspective to unlock your business potential. We deliver seasoned advice, helping your organization outline and reach its long-term objectives. By examining both internal dynamics and external influences, including market trends and competition, we craft customized strategies. Leveraging thorough research, data insights, and collaborative dialogue, we equip our clients with proactive plans that elevate performance and pave the way for enduring success.


"The Avivant Partners team has a uniquely thoughtful approach to planning and managing events. From strategic planning through execution, their industry knowledge and flawless execution of the details are a winning combination."

J.P. Morgan

Jani Venter | Head of Defined Contribution Real Estate Solutions

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