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Our Clients

Our client portfolio boasts a rich diversity, exemplified by renowned companies such as DCREC, Cohen & Steers,

Newstate Communications, JLL Income Property Trust, and DCIIA. From the dynamic world of real estate and investment firms to cutting-edge communication agencies and influential associations, we serve a spectrum of industries with precision and finesse. We understand that each client comes with a unique set of goals and aspirations, and it's our privilege to tailor our services to match their distinct needs. Our ability to curate exceptional meetings, events, and association management experiences has garnered trust from these diverse entities, solidifying our reputation as a versatile and reliable partner in creating outstanding moments that reflect the essence of each organization.


Cohen & Steers

Cohen & Steers, founded in 1986, is a renowned investment management firm specializing in real assets such as real estate, commodities, and infrastructure. With a global presence, the firm offers diverse strategies to institutional and individual investors. Notably focused on real estate investment trusts (REITs), preferred securities, and listed infrastructure, Cohen & Steers is known for its expertise in navigating complex markets and providing valuable insights for building diversified portfolios.



The Defined Contribution Real Estate Council (DCREC) is an influential organization focused on promoting education and awareness regarding real estate investment within defined contribution retirement plans. Comprising industry experts, DCREC strives to enhance the understanding of how real estate can be a valuable component of retirement portfolios. Through research, events, and collaboration, DCREC facilitates informed discussions among plan sponsors, advisors, and investment professionals to foster effective integration of real estate options into retirement savings strategies.


New State Capital Partners

New State Capital Partners is a reputable private equity firm recognized for its strategic investments in growing lower-middle-market companies. With a hands-on approach, New State Capital Partners works closely with management teams to drive operational improvements, expansion, and value creation. Founded on a commitment to long-term partnerships, the firm's experienced team leverages its industry knowledge to identify opportunities across various sectors, fostering sustainable growth and innovation within its portfolio companies.


JLL Income Property Trust

JLL Income Property Trust is a prominent real estate investment trust (REIT). With a focus on income-producing properties, the trust offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate assets across the United States. JLL Income Property Trust aims to provide consistent income and long-term capital appreciation by acquiring, managing, and optimizing a range of property types, including office, retail, industrial, and multifamily assets.

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